International Truck Dashboard Symbols: A Guide

Although many drivers are well-versed in the standard symbols on vehicle dashboards, international truck dashboard symbols often need to be more familiar. These symbols can differ based on the truck's country of origin, making it crucial to understand their meanings when operating a car abroad.

This article explores the meanings behind some of the most prevalent international truck dashboard symbols. Whether you're driving through Europe, Asia, or any other region, this guide will clarify the indicators on your dashboard.

International Truck Dashboard Symbols List

International truck dashboards feature a variety of symbols, each representing different meanings. Here's an overview of the most common ones:

  1. ABS Warning Light: This symbol indicates a malfunction in the anti-lock brake system. If this light is on, the truck's brakes will be faulty.
  2. Brake Warning Light: This light warns of issues within the brake system.
  3. Check Engine Warning Light: This light comes on when the engine has a loose gas cap or more serious problems.
  4. Coolant Warning Light: If this light activates, it signals a low coolant level. It's crucial to add coolant promptly.
  5. Oil Pressure Light: This symbol appears when there's a potential issue with the oil pressure system, which, if ignored, could lead to significant engine damage.
  6. Tire Pressure Warning Light: This indicates that the tire pressure is either too high or too low, which can be unsafe; it should be checked immediately.
  7. Engine Temperature Warning: This light means the engine is overheating, which requires immediate attention due to potential severe factors causing the overheating.
  8. Traction Control Light: This symbol alerts that the traction control system is active, aiding stability in adverse weather conditions like rain or snow.
  9. Battery Alert: This light suggests a problem with the battery, such as improper charging, a loose connection, or a potential alternator belt issue.
  10. Seat Belt Reminder: A straightforward reminder to ensure that seat belts are fastened before driving.
  11. Low Fuel Indicator: This warns that the fuel level is critically low, necessitating an urgent refill to avoid vehicle breakdown or overheating.
  12. Fog Lamp Indicator: This indicator shows when the fog lamps are in use, which should only be during appropriate weather conditions and turned off otherwise.
  13. Airbag Indicator: This alerts to airbag issues, potentially pointing to more significant systemic problems that necessitate immediate action.
  14. Diesel Particulate Filter: This light indicates that passive regeneration of the filter has failed and active regeneration is required, usually adjustable by changing driving habits.
  15. Washer Fluid Indicator: This indicator signals that the windshield washer fluid is low and needs refilling. It's advisable to carry extra fluid.
  16. Traction Control Malfunction: This indicates a malfunction in the traction control system, which could also be linked to brake issues, as this system utilizes anti-lock brakes.

This guide covers crucial information for operating international trucks safely by understanding what each dashboard symbol means.

International Truck Dashboard Symbols and Color Identification

The international truck dashboard symbols and their corresponding colors are detailed in the vehicle's owner's manual, guiding understanding of the truck's various functions.

Below is a breakdown of these colors and what they represent:

  • Red: This color signifies a system requiring immediate attention.
  • Yellow: This color denotes a system that should be closely monitored.
  • Green: This color shows that a system is functioning correctly.
  • Blue:┬áThis color indicates an informational display.

On the dashboard, a red symbol alerts the driver to a system needing urgent care, while a yellow symbol advises the driver to keep an eye on it. A green symbol reassures the driver that everything is operating as it should, and a blue symbol represents the truck's information center.

How to Reset International Truck Dash Symbols?

Resetting dashboard symbols on your International truck can be crucial for maintaining your vehicle's functionality. If you need clarification on the various dashboard symbols, don't worry. Our team has prepared a straightforward guide to assist you.

To begin resetting your dashboard symbols, first identify which ones need attention. Symbols illuminated in red or orange indicate urgent issues that must be addressed.

Follow these steps for resetting:

  1. Find the dashboard symbol that corresponds to the one you need to reset.
  2. Press and hold the adjacent button for three seconds.
  3. The emblem should reset and stop illuminating on the dashboard.

Repeat this process for each symbol requiring a reset. Once all necessary symbols have been reset, your truck's dashboard should appear as good as new!

For symbols you may need to become more familiar with when driving an international truck, refer to this manual for a detailed list of the most common instrument panel symbols and their meanings. This information can help you stay informed and safe on the road. If you have further questions about these symbols or their implications, please ask in the comments below!

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