Welcome to the third person, non-linear psychological horror game experience focusing on high level of details and immersion.

The DarKnot world is gloomy and terrifying. You have been abandoned, left alone, and you’ll have to face death in this endless labyrinth. Challenge yourself, but try not to succumb to insanity in the process!

You will find insidious opponents, dynamic battles and puzzles of various degrees of difficulty. It's up to you to decide in what style to play the game.

The game was inspired by our favorite horror games: Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Dead by Deadlight and The Last of Us.
You are surrounded by a detailed game world that is constantly changing. You can replay the game several times.

Interact with other people, but you will never know for sure whether you are playing with an NPC or a player.
Survival is not easy, and each death affects the plot development and the way you play through the game.

Challenges of varying complexity reveal the story of the main character and provide you with new opportunities.
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